Physical, Occupational, Speech Therapy

Seaside is one of Maine's most respected providers of Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapies. Our therapists and practitioners are experienced, well-trained, fully licensed, and dedicated to mastering the newest and most advanced techniques in these dynamic and evolving disciplines. Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy is available to residents seven days a week.

Physical Therapy

The Seaside team of physical therapists are trained in the latest techniques to improve mobility, strength and endurance. Our services cover a range of needs including rehabilitation after orthopedic/joint replacement, recovery from major surgery or medical illness, and significant neurological events. Our facilities feature a specially equipped rehab gym with advanced equipment to monitor and enhance the rehabilitation process

Occupational and Speech Therapy

Occupational and Speech therapies at Seaside aim to restore optimal levels of independence, productivity and communication. These treatments are often required for those recovering from stroke, major surgery, and those living with physical or emotional disabilities. Our therapists work to improve basic motor functions, reasoning and cognitive skills, and self expression with patients of all ages.